Five Color Palettes You Can Steal

I’ve created these five color palettes just for you (along with their hex codes). It’s Fall Ya’ll #BB7F57 #E8C7BD #274429 #DB9C52 Matilda #6D723B #B8926F #D5C3B0 #813E88 Winter is Coming #212A54 #44233A #C5D8EF #E5D9CF Pink Marble #B88E8F #BFBFBF #E6C8B7 #E2D5D3 In the Nude #746847 #C39A6F #C6BEB1 #9A8B80

Path to Mastery

THE CLIENT / CONCEPT Realty Executives Integrity is a real estate brokerage located in southeastern Wisconsin. The realtors that work out of the brokerage are referred to as “Executives”. The first project I worked on for them was originally going to be called the “Executive Pathway to Mastery”. Throughout the process, it was shorted to …

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The Commons – Milwaukee

In the Fall of 2017, I had the great experience of presenting at demo day for a program called The Commons located in Milwaukee. Some of you, however, might not have heard about my experiences in this 10 week program, so I’d like to give you a quick overview.

Homestead Cockapoos

This last Fall, I got to do a photoshoot for Homestead Cockapoos located in Watertown. They live on a great farm out in rural Wisconsin where the dogs have plenty of room to play and run and make the most adorable little cockapoo puppies you ever did see.