Does size matter when it comes to creating professional social media graphics?

Does size matter when it comes to creating professional social media graphics?


But I want to dive a little deeper than just the bottom line. So if you want to find out in the no-beating-around-the-bush kind of way, keep on reading.

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Let’s talk real estate —

If you think about social media platforms as a neighborhood, you want as much real estate (and bang for your buck) as possible, right?

Each platform has their own lot and rules about how much you can build on it. You might have noticed that Pinterest pins are really tall while Instagram graphics are usually squares (although, you can fit different ratios into that space).

Below, you’ll see the difference of just how much real estate an optimized graphic for each platform takes up. And you’ll want to utilize all of that allowed space in order to optimize your visuals and capitalize on that real estate.

From left to right, you’ll see a Pinterest pin, Facebook image, and Instagram graphic.

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How does size fit in with all of this?

It’s important to either know the sizes of the graphics you should be posting, have a tool handy to give you that information, or hire someone who can help you optimize your graphics for each of the platform while remaining consistent.

If you look at the mockup, I created one graphic for Instagram and laid it out differently for each platform, but you can still see at its core, it’s the same exact post.

Why should I care?

At the end of the day, we use social media to market our products, services, and ourselves. Whatever your goal is when utilizing social media, you want to utilize it to its fullest extend to grow your own bottom line.

Using social media marketing and its best practices, you can grow your business, create more organic web traffic, and sell out your online store. Whatever your goal is — but you want to make sure you’re using social media to MARKET, not as your only sales platform.

If you’re creating a Pinterest pin, you wouldn’t want a short square graphic; there’s more of a chance it’ll get scrolled right past. On the opposite side, creating a very horizontally oriented Instagram graphic might get cut off or, again, go unnoticed because it didn’t fit in its lot the way it should have.

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