How Can I Promote My Business for Free?

As a small business owner looking for ways to market your business, you might feel a little overwhelmed. It can be intimidating when you see a quote for all of the marketing services you want and the bill starts racking up. So you might be wondering what’s the cheapest way to advertise your business, or can you even do it for free? I’m here to answer that question with a few low-to-no-cost promotional efforts anyone can implement as a small business.

1. Utilize Your Personal Network

Word of Mouth is one of the biggest and most effective ways to advertise your business. Utilize your immediate network, let people know what you’ve been up to, what kind of customers you’d like to help, and how they can learn more about your business. Tell your friends, family, hairdresser, fitness trainer, anyone. If people aren’t buzzing about your business, you might have to start the buzz.

2. Run Social Media Ads

This one isn’t free, but it isn’t very expensive either. If you have Facebook and Instagram, you can run targeted ads that will boost and promote whatever you want it to. This will expand the reach and get more eyeballs on your business’s name. You can also target these ads towards a specific demographic and Facebook will give you a predicted amount of reach your ad will have based on how much you’d like to spend per day.

3. Create Unique Content

Starting a YouTube channel, blog, or even sharing classes about what you know how to do are all great ways to promote your business. By sharing helpful content and creating a learning environment for your target market, you’re raising yourself up in the industry as an expert who knows what they’re talking about and knows how to communicate effectively.

For example, if you own a pet store and you really want to sell more fish, you could create a YouTube video of how to set up a fish tank, a blog about which fish can live together peacefully, and a social media post about which fish food is the best.

4. Guest Blog

Similar to creating unique content, you can create unique content and collaborate with someone who can feature it and get it out to a larger audience. Usually these kinds of deals are back-and-forth. If you write as a guest on a blog post, maybe feature them on your social media. That way you’re both getting exposure to new groups of people.

5. Write a Press Release

A great way to promote your business locally (or nationally) is to write a press release. If you’ve got a major event coming up, your company won an award, or you’re working on something worth sharing, write it down. There are tons of templates online about how to write an effective press release. Once you’ve done that, do a little research on publications you would want to send it to. Find the go-to contact person (they almost always have emails listed online) and send it out. And yes, this is completely free. A reputable publication will not charge you so that they can publish your press release.

6. Get Involved In the Community

Whether that’s donating a basket of your products or a coupon for your services at charity auction or volunteering your time to a local organization, you’ll get your name out into the community and there will be a good connotation along with it.

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