blog cover art for amazing results creating characters using ai midjourney for kingdom of ash and shadow book by lindsey elizabeth

My Amazing Results from Creating My Book Characters with MidJourney AI

I haven’t talked on my blog about my novel-writing journey as much as I post about it on Tik-Tok (cause let’s be honest, some of those trends are so much fun). But you may have noticed my home page got a little refresh as I’m working on balancing a full-time job, doing some freelance on the side (I’ve scaled back A LOT) and working on becoming a self-published author (again).

We can get into that whole bit another time, but for now, I wanted to share something really cool I’ve been playing with: AI art.

As technology is advancing, artificial intelligence can do more and more than we thought it was capable of.

One of the major revelations I’ve across is creating art. I don’t want to get into moral questions like “Is it art if the artist has no soul or meaning behind it?” That’s not what I’m here for.

What I’m here to do is show you the super cool character portrait art that AI has come up with. I’ve been using MidJourney AI in discord, created an account, and have been having waaaaay too much fun having it imagine exactly how I picture my characters in my head.

If you like this art and the vibe the characters give off, I urge you to pre-order my novel Kingdom of Ash & Shadow on Amazon, or check back on Friday, January 13th when the paperback and hardback versions will be released.

So, without further ado, my main characters.

kingdom of ash and shadow rosalie ai character art portrait made with midjourney ai
kingdom of ash and shadow kell ai character art portrait made with midjourney ai
kingdom of ash and shadow allister ai character art portrait made with midjourney ai
kingdom of ash and shadow liliane ai character art portrait made with midjourney ai

Here’s where it gets nuts. Until I saw it first-hand and played around with all of the different prompts and used and modified other prompts I’d seen, I had no idea what you could type. How specific you could get. I was thinking “Oh, cool, I’ll type in ‘girl with brown hair and crown’ and that’ll be it.”


Here’s the full command for the first piece of art you see, there on the left, my female main character Rosalie:

portrait photography of beautiful tan woman, long wavy black hair, brown eyes, dramatic smoky background, wearing intricate dress with cutouts, gold jewelry high details, royal and fearsome, Unreal Engine, Cinematic, Color Grading, portrait Photography, Shot on 50mm lense, Ultra-Wide Angle, Depth of Field, hyper-detailed, beautifully color-coded, insane details, intricate details, beautifully color graded, Unreal Engine, Cinematic, Color Grading, Editorial Photography, Photography, Photoshoot, Shot on 70mm lense, Depth of Field, DOF, Tilt Blur, Shutter Speed 1/1000, F/22, White Balance, 32k, Super-Resolution, Megapixel, ProPhoto RGB, VR, Lonely, Good, Massive, Halfrear Lighting, Backlight, Natural Lighting, Incandescent, Optical Fiber, Moody Lighting, Cinematic Lighting, Studio Lighting, Soft Lighting, Volumetric, Contre-Jour, Beautiful Lighting, Accent Lighting, Global Illumination, Screen Space Global Illumination, Ray Tracing Global Illumination, Optics, Scattering, Glowing, Shadows, Rough, Shimmering, Ray Tracing Reflections, Lumen Reflections, Screen Space Reflections, Diffraction Grading, Chromatic Aberration, GB Displacement, Scan Lines, Ray Traced, Ray Tracing Ambient Occlusion, Anti-Aliasing, FKAA, TXAA, RTX, SSAO, Shaders, OpenGL-Shaders, GLSL-Shaders, Post Processing, Post-Production, Cel Shading, Tone Mapping, CGI, VFX, SFX, insanely detailed and intricate, hypermaximalist, elegant, hyper realistic, super detailed, dynamic pose, photography, 8k –test –creative –ar 12:16