Blog post about The Easiest FREE Ways to find Trends for RedBubble

The Easiest FREE Ways to find Trends for RedBubble

Today I want to show you two of my favorite tools for finding trends on Redbubble. If you’re new to RedBubble or print-on-demand, finding trends is a good way to get started because people are already searching for these things. It’ll be easier to get your first few sales and to get your shop up and running and optimized and get some traffic.

The first we’re going to is a big shocker — it’s Redbubble. Redbubble actually does have a built-in search feature which is how you search for products. If you’re looking for trends, you can just start typing in the alphabet. Then, you can find a niche that sounds interesting to you, and you can go in and click on those searches to see what people are making.
I always change the sorting function from most relevant to best-selling and take a look at how many search results there are.

Really, you want to just take inspiration from these best-selling designs. Obviously don’t copy anybody’s artwork check the trademarks you don’t want to be infringing on any trademarks and get your store shut down or get into any legal troubles. Just do your research and find inspiration, and then create something unique that you think people will like.

Another search tool that you can use that I really enjoy is It’s really handy because there’s a trend filter, you can set your max competition, and they have a trademark score (which is not a hundred percent foolproof, so you do have to be a little bit conscious about it you have to check trademarks).

Really just use common sense — if you’re seeing something like the Batman and it says it’s not trademarked, Batman is obviously trademarked by DC Comics.

I also love BubbleSpider because it’ll tell you the most popular selling product for each niche. So if one is showing t-shirts, you can design mostly for t-shirts. Keep in mind that you do want to have your design on every product available because then you have a higher chance of getting found in different categories.

If you want to see how I utilize these sites and learn a few more tips and tricks, check out my YouTube video below!