So, you want to learn more about the process?

I’ve broken down the few major first steps that are taken whenever I work with a new client or project. Feel free to take a look and reach out if you have any questions!


This is the first step in getting to know each other. I'm passionate about getting to know my clients which is why I love to start off our relationship with a complimentary introductory meeting or phone call before we decide we want to work together. This gives us a great starting point to get to talk about ourselves and I get to learn more about what your goals are for your business so that I can create a plan to best help you moving forward.


If we decide to work together, within 24 hours I will send you an ideal timeline based on the project we're moving forward with as well as terms and conditions. Once we're ready to move forward, I'll begin working on your project.


I'm sure we both want this project to run smoothly. In order to do that, be sure to keep a close eye on your email or phone. The ideal timeline may fluctuate somewhat, and I'll always keep you up to date on where I'm at in the project. With that, I expect the same timeliness from you, the client.


After we've decided to work together, we've gotten to know each other, and expectations are in place, I can begin working on your project. Each service has a different timeline and different variables that come into play. If you'd like to know more about the process for a certain service, feel free to email me at!