As a chiropractor, you’ve put your heart and soul into your business. You help customers improve their quality of life, you make connections, and that’s why you don’t want a mediocre website or just “okay” website.

A website is the basis for your business. Clients who are shopping around for health care may not have the time to schedule five office visits in a week.

In order to make those connections with clients, show that you’re a professional business, and gain your clients’ trust, here are the top 10 things your chiropractic website needs in order to stay relevant.

Oh, and read until the end, because I’m throwing in a bonus tip!


Quite possibly the most integral piece of your website is the layout itself. You want your website to draw your audience’s interest and make them want to stay which will mean they’re more likely to call about your services or book an appointment.


Your navigation should be one of the first things people see. It should be easy to find, easy to read, and the placement of your information should make sense with the navigation titles.


Once your audience is on your website, you want them to take a next step. Whatever that is, you want to make this as clear as possible, as not to leave your potential clients feeling lost. Once you’ve given them that CTA, you need to give them something to do. Want them to call you? Integrate your phone number so they don’t have to type it out. Want them to book an appointment? Use an online booking software.


Having a brand is vital to your business. It creates a feeling of professionalism as well as builds a sense of trust between you and your clients. Keeping your branding consistent throughout your social media, print marketing, and website is essential to having strong brand recognition and building customer loyalty.


You want to make that connection with your clients or potential clients even before they schedule a visit to your office. Having a page where they can meet the team, see your smiling faces, and know who to expect to see before coming to your office builds trust and personal connection.


If you want to make your intake process that much easier, you should have downloadable PDF new patient forms that people can choose to print out at home. Also make sure they know they’re welcome to fill them out in the office and ask for assistance if needed.


This is YOUR business, so why would you want to use someone else’s photos? Stock photos can look really great, but so can your office, your staff, your equipment. Showing your practice off is a great way to build those relationships and trust with your potential clients.


If you have social media channels (which are a simple and effective way to market your business), you should share that! Make sure you have links available wherever it makes sense on your website for people to be able to find your other channels.


This is how your business shows up on search engines like Google. Having your website optimized to rank higher is actually in the hands of your website designer. Inserting key phrases about your business that people are searching without making it sound clucky or boring takes both research writing skill.


That’s right, your website needs to be simple. Not uninformative, just simple. You don’t need a photo background for your webpage or distracting colors because you think it’ll “draw the eye”. The truth is, humans are simple creatures. They want to see the information they need and do what they need to do. Anything more is just clutter, and you could even lose customers because of a website that’s too busy. I want to be somewhat blunt about this, because I care about helping small business owners reach their goals, and sometimes it pains me to see websites that are stuck in the early 90s.

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